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Canira cosmetic is located in a prestigious neighborhood,very clean and quiet. Our registered and certified nurse has over 20 years experience providing cosmetic injections such as Botox and Filler. The products  are rich in quality with beautiful long lasting effects. Offering gift cards and discounts to our repeat clientele.


Dermal Filler



- Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

- Treat drooping brow

- Stop excessive sweating

- Reduce migraine pain

- Treat Bells Palsy

- Reduce Muscle stiffness    

Made  from hyaluronic acid  

- Treat fine lines and wrinkles

- Add volume and fullness to     skin

- Long lasting effects

- Plumbness

- Boost for collagen

- Used for lips, cheek, chin,     nose, jawline,  nasolabial folds

- Skin rejuvenation

- Skin tightening

- Cellulite removal

- Reduction lines and wrinkles

- Fat removal - Treating Alopecia

 Acne scars

- Fine lines and wrinkles

- Enlarged pores

- Hyperpigmentation & sunspots - Lost elasticity

- Uneven skin texture

- Stretch marks

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