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Botox and Dermal Filler

PRP treatment


Skin care

Thread Lift


Special offers:

Package course: Botox and Filler with microneedling

Package course: Botox and Filler with skin care

Package course: Botox and Filler with PRP

Package course: Botox and Filler , PRP, Microneedling, Skin Care

Package course: Botox and Filler with Thread Lift

Package course: Botox and Filler, PRP, Microneedling, Skin care, Threade Lift

Botox and Filler course

This course is designed online and hands-on to meet the needs of physicians, International medical graduates, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, nurse practitioners and dentists.


Learning Objectives:

  • Concepts of beauty and ideal facial features

  • Identify the anatomy and physiology of the face, with special attention to blood vessels and nerves

  • Recognize the important structures of the face

  • Identify key facial muscles and have a treatment plan to inject botulinum toxin based on the units of toxin

  • Inject botulinum toxin safely and reduce the risk of complications.

  • Recognize the important structures of the face with regards to dermal fillers and their appropriate uses.

  • Identify key facial muscles and fat layers to build a treatment plan

  •  Indications, risks, and benefits of treatment

  • Management of Complications


PRP and Mesotherapy Course

This is one day Platelet-Rich plasma – PRP COURSE for hair and skin, is  designed for medical professionals including nurses, medical doctors and dentist.


Learning objectives

  • Fundamental knowledge of the Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP and wound healing process.

  • Education on how Platelet Rich Plasma can be used to generate collagen, while also firming and improving skin elastic tone, how it is use in hair loss, and skin rejuvenation

  • Venipuncture and Protocol for drawing blood, placing it in the centrifuge and separating its different components will be thought.

  • Infection control regarding use and handling blood products will be address

  • Micro Needling protocol and use of Derma pen with disposable needles will be taught

  • The benefits of mesotherapy for aesthetic purposes

  • Client preparation, pre and post care instructions and safety protocols.


Microneedling course

  • This course offers you an online lecture, completed by clinical hands-on training. The online lecture will introduce you to Medical Microneedling treatments and other non-surgical facial rejuvenation technologies. The course is designed for qualified dental, medical & nursing professionals, as well as estheticians

Keyboard and Mouse

Learning objectives

  1. Learn the Science of Skin Function

  2. Describe what type of clinical cases are appropriate for medical microneedling.

  3. Describe the mechanism of microneedling and how it can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions.

  4. Identify what patient records, clinical applications & post-op instructions are required in order to provide the highest-level of patient care.


Skin care course

Within this unit you will learn about how to maintain and improve facial skin conditions using different methods, such as exfoliation, skin warming, comedone extraction, facial massage, mask treatments and facial moisturising products, and how you can maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout your work.


Learning objectives

  • Follow health and safety working practices within your salon.

  • Preparing yourself, your client and your work area for facial skin care treatments

  • Contra-indication & Contra-actions

  • How to use suitable consultation techniques to identify the best treatment objectives.

  • To be able to select the correct products, tools and equipment to suit client treatment needs and skin types

  • Communicate and behave in a professional manner with your clients.

  • Complete the treatment to the satisfaction of the client.

  • Record the results of the treatment.

  • Provide suitable aftercare advice.


Thread lift course


Thread Lift course is designed for aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses who are looking for learning one of the most popular non-surgical procedures in today’s aesthetic market. Please note that the procedure of thread lift is carried on by a Licensed healthcare professional,

Learning objectives

  • Patient assessment, evaluation and consultation

  • Indications and contraindications for PDO thread therapy

  • Anatomy, neurophysiology, musculature and circulatory system of the oral and   maxillofacial areas

  • Proper sterile technique

  • Safety and risk issues for PDO thread therapy

  • avoid, manage, and treat possible adverse reactions and complications

  • Patient treatment observation and hands-on practice​

  • Planning for best possible aesthetic and therapeutic outcomes

  •  Achieving clinical expertise on clients with the proper materials and techniques

  •  Successfully integrating PDO thread therapy into your practice

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